Posted on May 1, 2013



God’s Answer That Shatters The Darkness of Depression

Inspiration for those who desire to overcome the pain of the past

As I sat in the complete darkness of my dungeon of despair, I looked back on my life.  The life I worked so hard to build was in ruins.  Destroy by my own bad decisions.

I remembered the many times of pain, hurt, disappointment, betrayal, abandonment, and despair.  Some caused by others, but most were bad choices that lead me to this present darkness.  Today was so dark, that I wept when even thinking about my future.

Yesterday, somebody tried to lift my darkness by telling me tomorrow would be a better day.  But when today was just as bad as yesterday, I realized he lied and was more disappointed than ever.

With a scarred past and a painful present, I wondered how tomorrow could be any different.  I knew it was just going to get worse.

As the darkness of depression thickened around me like a cloud, I contemplated why I should go on living.  That’s when light entered the room in the form of God’s voice.

He said, Dear Child, I Am With You And I Know What You Need.”

“Tell me, Lord” I cried.  “I don’t even know what I need.”

He said, “You Need The Answer To The Mystery Of Life.  You Need To Know Who You Are And Why You Are Here.”

He was right.  So I asked the question, “Who Am I?”

His answer was light and truth.  And it filled the room driving back the darkness.

Turning my dungeon into a beautiful palace.

His Answer Was…

            You Are My Special Creation, Born With A Divine Purpose.

            You Are Not The Result Of Chance, Luck, Or Evolution.

            You Are My Workmanship, Not The Descendant Of An Animal.

            You Are A Human Being And Among Them You Are Special.

You Are The Only You There Is, That Ever Was, Or Ever Will Be.

You Are More Unique Than Words Can Describe, More Precious Than Gold Or Platinum, And Have More Potential Than The Human Mind Can Imagine.


You Are Whatever I Say You Are.

You Can Obtain Any Goal Or Dream Through The Opportunities And Gifts I Have Given You.

You Can Overcome Obstacles Of Hatred And Prejudice With The Power Of A Love That Comes From Me.

You Will Reach Your Destiny Of Greatness, No Matter How Difficult The Journey, If You Just Walk By Faith And Not By Sight.

You Are Also Who I Say You Are.

You Cannot Be Defined, Stereotyped, Or Labeled By Man.

After All, Who Is Man That His Opinion Should Matter To Me?

            What Only Matters Is What I Say.  And What Did I Say About You?

I Said You Were

Fearfully And Wonderfully Made, Formed In My Likeness, Destined For Heaven, And The Temple Of My Loving Holy Spirit.


Under My Guidance And Grace, You Can Be Better, Brighter, And Greater Than Anyone Believed Possible.

Now That I, The Lord Your God, Have Spoken, Tell Me Who On Earth Would Dare To Disagree?